5 reasons why a mobile CRM platform is the best solution for field sales reps

Constantly bouncing between warehouses, retail outlets, trade shows and the like, sales reps spend most of their time outside the office. Therefore, it’s critical for them to access important sales and order information at any time and anywhere.

Enter Mobile CRM. A mobile CRM platform give sales reps the ability to close sales and make orders from any mobile device. The days of using the office computer to find customer data or use CRM software are soon to be gone. The future is CRM mobility which allows customer and product information to always be at sales reps’ fingertips.

Here are 5 reasons your B2B sales reps need a mobile CRM app:

1.    Staff convenience and reduced costs

Leverage mobile CRM’s BYOD (bring-your-own-device) capability to benefit both management and staff. This capability translates into field staff being able to work from a convenient and familiar device that gives them instant access to product and customer data at all times – be from the office or on the road. It also cuts down on implementation costs, as companies don’t have to worry about buying new devices and training their employees to use them.

Likewise, it’s easy for management and staff to use a mobile CRM platform on their mobile phones and tablets, as typically it runs as a native app on all operating systems. In addition to allowing access to the same features as the desktop version, the mobile platform also brings together unique mobile features like GPS functions, the camera, and other productivity apps.

2.    Fully functional in offline mode

Sometimes sales reps who are out of the office and on the road or in the warehouse end up in areas where mobile internet coverage is patchy to non-existent. Not to worry though, the function of a mobile CRM platform isn’t the only reason they are so readily accessible and easy to use – the platforms can also work in offline mode.

This allows sales reps to access important information for answering customer questions and making sales, even in the absence of an internet connection. This feature is a potential lifesaver for field reps who must visit and conduct business in places where internet connectivity isn’t a given.

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3.    Increase field staff productivity

Sales reps will thank you for switching to mobile CRM because one of its many benefits is that it streamlines their workflow. Gone are the days of having to rely on paperwork – sales reps and back-office staff alike can now maintain and access all their data using a single platform.

This has other hidden benefits, too. By serving as a uniform platform for centralised sales and ordering information, mobile CRM solutions reduce the possibility for human error, making employees and the system they work in more efficient overall.

Another time-saving feature of a mobile CRM platform is the ability to have staff send messages to one another and keep track of their daily activities, thereby reducing almost entirely the need for telephone calls and emails between employees. This should allow sales reps to spend more time making sales and less time fixing communication errors.

4.    Boost average order size

By now we know that a mobile CRM platform enables sales staff to maximise their sales by accessing product information and answering customer questions from anywhere, at any time. But astonishingly, on top of helping sales reps increase the volume of sales they make, a mobile CRM platform also helps increase average order revenue.

Likewise, a mobile CRM platform has the benefit of letting reps define unique discounts and up-sell and cross-sell promotions for each customer – and because discounts tend to drive customer purchases, they allow employees to negotiate larger orders.

5.    Enhances customer service

By streamlining the order registration process, a mobile CRM platform allows sales reps to spend more time doing other, equally important tasks. For example, customer and product information accessed through the mobile platform enables reps to answer customer questions on the spot, and provide better product advice to the customer.

This is achieved by providing sales reps with visibility into customer purchase history, keeping track of order statuses, observing purchasing trends, and ensuring there is enough stock of in-demand items available.

What this all boils down to at the end of the day is sales reps who appear to know their products like the backs of their hands. With so much information at the their fingertips it means fewer mistakes, faster order-taking, and thorough knowledge of customers. This ultimately puts your customers at ease, as they know they’ve come to a company that is customer-centric. See how the Pepperi Mobile Sales Platform can help increase efficiency and revenue for your field sales team.

Top 5 reasons why wholesale distributors need mobile sales software

Wholesale distributors can make an immediate improvement to their business and reap many benefits with mobile sales software.

Wholesale distribution is one of the oldest forms of business, where every sort of product or commodity can be sold to the right market of clients. The process is simple – take an order, deliver the product, and collect a payment. But while the process itself has not changed much over the past couple of decades, consumer habits have shifted considerably.

In fact, some wholesale distributors are struggling to keep up with such changes, and traditional forms of order entry that make use of pen and paper are not as reliable as they used to be. The entire process now feels inefficient, time consuming, and prone to error. One of the ways in which wholesale distributors can make an immediate improvement to their business is by going mobile, and there are a number of reasons why this can take your business to the next level.

Provide staff with greater access to information

By making use of mobile sales software, reps will have access to a fully updated and organised catalogue of products, which makes it more convenient and attractive for pitching products to clients in a B2B setting. Essentially, sales staff can explain products more thoroughly to customers, provide more in-depth product information, and feel more empowered.

Such accessibility to products is also possible offline, and with features such as search and an easy-to-navigate product displayer, the entire process of placing an order become seamless for sales reps, and a better experience for the customer.

Improve overall efficiency

It is undeniable that the use of new technology such as mobile devices is more efficient than traditional pen and paper. In fact, mobile sales software is more organised and offers a deeper degree of accessibility to users. As such, sales reps are better positioned to provide a service to their clients, access product information at a faster rate, retrieve updated information such as stock information, and so on.

In addition to improving the overall efficiency of the sales and order-taking process, mobile sales software also minimises the element of human error. This is particularly crucial for staff members who have to manage multiple clients in terms of making deliveries and taking orders.

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Better understand your customers

Customer behaviour has shifted considerably since they started using technology to make their purchases. This factor has also provided businesses with an opportunity to better understand their customers, and mobile sales software is an essential tool in enabling this to happen.

With each order placed, businesses can collect vital data about their customers, which allows companies to track customer ordering behavior. In turn, this information can be used for future marketing purposes, thus improving the overall purchasing experience.

In addition to the positive impacts that mobile sales software can have on business performance, it also allows sales reps to provide a better quality of service that is directly impacted by customer behaviour. This empowers staff to provide clients with better information on future orders, offer better deals and packages, and ultimately increase revenue.

Access important information all the time

One of the most important features of mobile sales software is that it does not require an internet connection to function. This means that sales reps can access key information offline, including sales and ordering data, which is of paramount importance for wholesale distributors.

This allows companies to stay updated and connected with customer and product information, giving a greater degree of visibility and flexibility. As such, sales reps can place an order on their mobile device from anywhere and at anytime.

Stay connected at all times

One of the greatest challenges for wholesale distributors using traditional order entry methods is the collation of information. This is especially true when one considers that companies have multiple sales reps managing multiple clients. Mobile sales software can be set up on multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones, and can be connected to a main server that keeps tracks of all sales, product, inventory, and customer information.

This makes it easier to understand stock levels and delivery times, as well as giving staff members more autonomy in their work. Ultimately, managers can track the customer, product, and inventory related KPIs which drive the business.

Mobile sales software is an essential tool in the wholesale distribution industry which allows companies to meet the changing demands of their customers, understand their behaviour, and improve the overall efficiency of the business operation. See how the Pepperi Mobile Sales Platform can help grow your wholesale distribution business.

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