There’s no better time than now for player segmentation

Player segmentation is a valuable way of effectively communicating with your players based on their behavior and preferences.

Player segmentation should be an integral aspect of any iGaming business, but can be quite challenging when you have a vast amount of ever-changing player personas.

iGaming companies are constantly battling each other for a share of the market, so it is imperative that they use every possible tool in their arsenal to up their game. One of these tools is customer segmentation, which enables iGaming brands to divide a pool of players into smaller and more targetable groups based on their overall betting behavior and preferences.

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Not all new players are created equal

It is important for iGaming companies to realize that not all new players bet in the same way, and as such they should each be targeted in a specific manner. This is one of the many ways in which data segmentation can become a useful tool. For example, most iGaming brands will find that they have a blend of one-time players, others who are more frequent players, and others that have a higher betting pattern such as VIPs.

One-time players may not have been satisfied with their customer experience so they did not return to the site, or they simply wanted to utilize a bonus offer and visited the site for this purpose. On the other hand, more frequent players and VIPs are the ones that are more likely to play again, hence bringing in more revenue for the brand. As such, these player segments need to be targeted with specific campaigns that can entice them to come back to the site and play more.

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Understand your active players’ behavior

Much in the same way that new players will be different, the same can be said about the active players that frequent a brand. They too need to be segmented into specific player personas, as everyone has their own personal approach towards placing a bet. This is generally translated in the bet amount, bet type, and bet frequency.

Players who place many bets or large single bets often tend become brand loyalists and hopefully VIPs. This is the ideal point where an iGaming company can cross-sell different games, promote special tournaments, and offer exclusive bonuses. Players that return to bet regularly are heavily engaged with the brand and are willing to go the extra mile to get their desired results.

Making players stay active for longer

iGaming companies are used to the ever-changing faces of their customer base, with new players steadily coming and going. The technical term for this process is called customer churn, where customers or subscribers cease their relationship with a company or brand. Being able to understand how this indicator works within iGaming is critical, as it is generally recognized to be less expensive to invest in retaining existing players rather than attracting new ones.

As such, one needs to consider how quickly the customer churn process is happening. Those players that are lost after a singular bet may be doing so because of a negative customer experience. In fact, these players are the most difficult to re-engage and a considerable amount of effort might be required. On the other hand, those players who leave after some time are more likely to bet with the same brand again since they may have formed a more meaningful relationship.

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Make sure your players follow through with their bets

Two of the most recurrent issues in iGaming is that of registration without depositing, or depositing without playing which basically means that player never follows through with placing a bet. There are various factors that attribute to this, such as poor website design and too many steps in the process. However, by segmenting players and understanding why certain individuals are abandoning their bets, marketers can target them more specifically with a solution.

Player segmentation should be regarded as a vital addition to any iGaming company’s marketing strategy. The iGaming market is very dynamic and highly competitive, so no brand can afford to miss an opportunity and not target their player base in the most efficient and direct way possible.

Detect your VIPs early in the game

It’s possible to identify VIPs within almost any industry – they can best be defined as a relatively small group of customers who generate a large portion of a company’s revenue.

So, wouldn’t it be beneficial for your company to identify these VIP’s early on, and put functions in place to retain their loyalty?

What makes a VIP?

Across most industries you’ll find that the top 5% of customers are responsible for an average of 60% of revenue. In iGaming this swells to as much as 80%. Keeping your VIPs happy is therefore critical for success, as this small group exercises an abnormal level of influence over the revenue of your brand. Instead of casting a wide net and trying to retain players across the board, you’d be better served by focusing your attention on retaining your core, loyal customer base.

Within the iGaming industry, VIPs are considered unique players who must be catered to on a much more intimate level. They want a customized experience which demonstrates their value to the brand. They also want to be rewarded for their loyalty and offered promotions that are unavailable to other players.

The benefits of early detection

Spotting a player’s potential as a “VIP to be” while they are still new, can be a valuable differentiation for any brand. By identifying and treating these players as VIP’s from their first engagements with the brand, you can foster a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.

The initial activity of a new player (first deposit amount, first game played, first big win, etc.) can give a strong indication towards their chances of becoming a VIP in the future. You can find connections and correlations between the initial activity of a new player and the initial activity of a new VIP player.  For example, there could be a connection between games, favorite time to play, age, specific sport disciplines, and even certain attributes like the country of origin.

How to detect a VIP

To properly detect VIPs, profiling of your customer base will need to be completed. Undertaking such a measure yourself can often be a time consuming and primitive endeavor which involves an ongoing rigorous, manual process of data crunching and evaluation. A good alternative to such a method is to utilize the AXON Gaming VIP & Retention module.

This solution takes a more cutting-edge approach that automatically profiles your players and their playing habits. Once you understand the different player habits, you can take a direct, personalized approach to marketing.

What to do once you’ve detected your VIPs

A solution such as AXON Gaming really comes into play here. Once you’ve identified your VIPs, you want to keep a real-time focus on them, and reach out with the right message at the right time. With AXON Gaming, you can set up rules and alerts that will notify you when a VIP has started playing, or if they’ve had a big win or loss.

You can then implement a strategy to complement each unique player situation and send targeted, specific messaging to the VIP player. These customized messages help your VIPs feel valued, because you’re able to demonstrate that you know their given situation and have responded appropriately.

Another great tool for the retention of VIPs comes in the form of bonuses. However, this method needs to be used correctly so as to avoid the risk of bonus abuse. Through AXON Gaming, you can set rules and parameters on when bonuses should be awarded and to whom they should be given.

Detect and retain your VIPs

To detect and retain your VIPs successfully, you’re going to need help. AXON Gaming can detect your VIPs automatically and send them tailored marketing messages at exactly the right time – making sure that they feel special, as any VIP should.

How to offer iGaming players the next big thing, even if they don’t know they want it

The onset of the internet has accelerated the very human act of product recommendation to the next level.

With the various platforms of information and communication that lie at our fingertips these days, anybody aiming to sell something online knows that that they’re bound to do better if they have a well-organised system where ‘one thing leads to another’. Amazon is, of course, an early and still-perfect example, where users are gently nudged to consider ‘similar items’ to what they’ve just bought, based on their shopping history on the site.

But what are some of the dynamics of such product recommendations? And what are some of the ways that it can be improved in the seller’s favour?


Catching them quick

One of the main challenges of a web-based marketer is taking full advantage of users’ attention spans and time spent on their sites. Statistics prove that the average user spends just around 7 seconds on each site, which gives the marketer a limited time window in which they can make the most out of the user’s presence.

This is why a pro-active approach to recommendations should be made a crucial part of your business strategy. And it’s perhaps why a product recommendation module might just prove to be one of the most worthwhile investments you can hope to make. But more on that later — first, let’s get into the ins and outs of how the filtering of online recommendations work.

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Collaborative filtering

There are two main approaches to product recommendations – one is content-based, the other is collaborative. The content based approach attempts to maximise on the attributes of the product itself, so any further recommendations are based on individual features of the product in question.

The problem is that this may work well with products that have distinctive content that separates them, such as films or TV series. For example, you can assume that somebody who likes The Lord of the Rings may be willing to give Game of Thrones a try. But this wouldn’t work in the case of personal items such as clothes or makeup. Likewise, it also runs the risk of getting customers to essentially purchase the same things over and over again.

With the collaborative approach, on the other hand, we take our knowledge of the users as our starting point, to then match them to the right set of products. In this way, variation is more fluid and can take advantage of various platforms at the same time – while also being able to exploit the possibilities of ‘chance encounters’ with products that users may have – thus broadening the range of options substantially.


Memory vs model

There are two ways in which collaborative filtering comes into play – one of its models is memory-based, the other is model-based. When it comes to the former, it is all about exploiting all the data in the system to full effect, while the latter is focused on packaging certain variables together to find connections and similarities which could prove useful.

So in this way, the ‘memory’ method will take a closely focused approach – either user-to-user or item-to-item. The real work then becomes about figuring out the commercial ‘distance’ between users and items. Taking the user-to-user approach as an example, we would find similar users (call them ‘neighbours’) and help create recommendations based on what these neighbours have in common.

This ‘recommendations web’ then clearly becomes a rich resource for the business in question, as it enables them to draw on a varied pool of users to generate those all-important recommendations.


Up close and personal

The strongest solution for businesses looking to keep their clientele both regular and diverse is investing in robust product recommendation functionality, specifically one which takes full advantage of the ‘memory’ of its users.

Ensuring that customers are guided to products that they have not yet tried before, but which past purchasing experience suggests they might like – this kind of functionality will ensure that the customer is kept interested throughout their lifetime experience with your brand.

Another pro-active aspect to this kind of functionality is the ability to connect various similarities in both the product as well as its context. For example, a campaign based on a sale would not just guide users to the sale, but also fine-tune recommended items within the sale based on the individual user’s likes or dislikes.

It is this pin-sharp degree of personalisation that will really push your recommendations to the next level – effectively marking the difference from digital window-shopping to shopping-proper.

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Know ahead of time

Knowing what current and prospective users will want to buy next is the magic bullet for any web-based marketer and seller, and a product recommendation solution is the perfect way to place you on the right track. After all, would you ever say no to a product guaranteed to hook users in?

Cross segment your players to discover their distinct personas

AXON Gaming facilitates data segmentation and creation of distinct player personas, which can improve the overall business performance.

In the iGaming industry, it is vital for companies to understand their customers in terms of their playing habits, betting patterns, and game preferences. However, collating such information may be very time consuming, especially if it involves multiple systems and their corresponding data collection points.

Cross-segmentation of different datasets is a great way of overcoming such an issue, and the AXON Gaming solution is a powerful tool to track and act upon critical data in real-time.

Segment your data to better understand your players

Segmentation of user data offers a holistic approach towards better understanding your players through multiple dimensions. These multiple data dimensions can be anything from players who placed bets on a specific game in a given week, or used a particular promo, or even those who played multiple games in one sitting. The combination of information is practically endless, and it provides the operator with key information about the preference of their players.

In turn, this allows for better segmentation of players into groups, which can then be targeted for specific business purposes. The AXON Gaming solution allows for such data segmentation to happen, and it also allows operators to collect it in real time. Such a function translates into quicker reaction times to provide players with rewards and access to other bonuses as necessary.

Furthermore, AXON Gaming also allows for full integration to internal systems, which means that data can be collected and accessed from one central location.

Improve retention rates with tailored campaigns

The ultimate aim of any iGaming business is to increase company profits. One of the ways to achieve this is through increasing retention rates of existing players – by keeping them happy and playing for longer.

While it is true that several operators will focus on campaigns to recruit new players, it is still important to keep your current ones satisfied for longer. One way of achieving better retention rates is through the understanding of what your players want, and effectively giving it to them before anyone else does.

By using segmented data, operators can create more tailored campaigns that fit specific player groups or distinctive player personas. For example, a player that prefers playing slots would rather receive free spins than a cashback bonus on blackjack. Through the AXON Gaming solution, operators can automatically profile their players and create specific messages and campaigns, which in turn allows them to easily measure and optimize their targeted marketing campaigns.

Focus specifically on certain games

Most iGaming businesses would want to push players towards specific games that would be new or more profitable for them. Through data segmentation, it becomes easier to understand which games are the most popular with players, and which ones are the most lucrative for the business. In addition, operators can also better grasp why certain games might not be faring as well as others, and ultimately improve the overall user experience.

With the AXON Gaming solution, this is possible as well. In fact, there is specific functionality that is tailored for the management of live dealer games, which allows for a better prediction and alert system of when tables are experiencing performance issues. This information can allow a business to take automatic action in order to improve the service to its customers.

The great thing about AXON Gaming is that it can integrate well with internal IT systems, as well as create automated processes that do not require much manual labor to run. The overall benefit will be a better quality of games being offered to clients, which will in turn spend a longer time playing.

Increase the number of new players though segmentation

Utilizing personas that are created through data segmentation is also beneficial for attracting new players. Being able to specifically target these groups of players by understanding their demographics is a great way to attract them to your brand. For example, new female players between the ages of 25 and 30, coming from Sweden, that deposit more than €50 can be given a generous referral bonus. All of this can be achieved with AXON Gaming, as it facilitates that rigorous data collection process and paves the way for more optimized rewards campaigns and player loyalty.

Having the capability of analyzing multiple customer personas through segmentation can yield multiple business benefits. Being able to have a more holistic approach towards understanding players and their behavior can allow for more tailored responses, better retention rates, and overall improved business performance.

Pamper your VIPs during the ups and downs

Pampering your VIPs has never been easier

Managing an online gaming brand is by no means an easy feat. Apart from the countless hours spent in website operation and maintenance, a large part of running a successful online gaming site involves striking the right balance between providing an exciting experience and turning a profit. While the former part of the equation is much easier to achieve, meeting profit margins is trickier – and this is where VIPs may come into play.

VIP players can be easily considered as the main bread and butter of any successful online gaming brand, and being able to understand their playing behavior provides companies with useful insights into how they can optimize the player journey. This is where AXON Gaming comes into the picture –  it focuses on sending the right message to your players at the right time. This is achieved through the automatic triggering of customized marketing messaging based on player demographics, gaming behavior, activity profile, and much more.

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Start by understanding what your VIPs want

The first step in increasing VIP retention rates is understanding what your key players want from your site. With AXON Gaming, operators can optimize their retention rates and improve their VIP strategies by developing more tailored and personalized communication with each individual player.

Apart from your daily contact with VIP players, AXON Gaming also collects critical data about your important players, which in turn can be used to determine key business critical thresholds. These can be used to set up specific alerts that allow any company to know when a VIP has either reduced or increased their gaming activity, as well as send out other alerts that can include promotions to entice them to place more bets or to shift their focus to other games. There is also the added benefit of real-time data capture, which yields more accurate and robust results when determining what your VIPs exactly want.

Pampering can also lead to profit

It can be said that VIPs contribute to the vast majority of any online gaming company’s profit, so their happiness is paramount to the success of the operator. However, it is also critical for these operators to understand that each VIP is unique, and each one requires a specific level of pampering that is tailored to their needs and wants.

With AXON Gaming, users can retrieve important data which allows the operator to understand what their VIP player wants and when. One individual might be happy with a set of free spins on his favorite slot machine, while another might be happy with a cashback bonus for a blackjack game. In addition, AXON Gaming also allows VIP Managers to get in touch with VIP players in real time through chat, SMS, or email so that they can talk to them directly should the need arise.

Optimize your VIP strategy

Each VIP deserves a unique approach

As already discussed above, pampering your VIPs on an individual basis is an important step towards success. However, compiling such enormous amounts of data is not as straightforward as it may seem. Luckily, AXON Gaming also allows the operator to profile its VIP players with relative ease.

While most companies still may use an archaic manual approach of compiling this type of sensitive information, AXON Gaming makes use of cutting edge technology that automatically profiles VIP players in real time. In turn, this allows for more personalized messaging, which is tailored to their playing choices and habits. Furthermore, this also allows VIP managers to properly plan out marketing campaigns to increase VIP player retention and satisfaction.

Getting in touch with your VIPs has never been easier

Getting in touch with players has never been easier, and with a wide range of methods to do so, companies can often get carried away. In fact, any serious online gaming brand cannot afford to get their communications wrong – especially when it comes to VIPs.

VIP players expect a seamless experience when playing online, so it is imperative to ensure that companies deliver the right messages to their VIPs at the right time. AXON Gaming manages to do just this, as it can trigger automatic marketing messaging that are customized on the basis of player demographics, gaming preferences, activity profile, and many more variables.

All players of an online gaming brand are instrumental to its success, but VIPs always manage to bring much more to the table. This is the reason why they need to be handled with more care and diligence, and AXON Gaming manages to do so with ease and efficiency.

Engage VIP players in real-time

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