Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

In today’s highly competitive distribution sector, companies face many of the same challenges around marketing a portfolio of brands, managing the supply chain, and maintaining tight credit control.

Forward thinking companies are turning to state of the art fully-integrated ERP software specifically designed for distributors. Our solution provides mobile sales force automation, merchandising, logistics, purchasing, warehouse management, and accounting. With real-time dashboard & KPI reporting, management always has the necessary information to proactively take the right decisions.

Integrate your field sales, distribution logistics, inventory management, invoicing, and payment collection. Provide sales reps with access to relevant information quickly and efficiently and eliminate the errors that come with pen-and-paper order entry. Ensure that your field reps are constantly informed and up-to-date.

Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Optimise direct store delivery (DSD)

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) refers to an essential distribution method that includes route and truck load planning, route sales and delivery, merchandising, mobile intelligence, inventory control, and route accounting. DSD is essential for companies who distribute B2B for FMCG, Pharma, amongst others.

The key to growth and sustainability is greater customer satisfaction through speedy and effective route management without increasing costs. Companies need a robust solution that seamlessly integrates into their backend ERP. They need to optimise resources and improve their invoice-to-cash cycle and at the same time reduce operating costs per route. The optimal solution can help companies reduce errors, payment disputes, and administrative costs.

Expected benefits include increased revenue, larger orders, faster and more accurate delivery, accelerated cash flow, smarter inventory management, improved customer loyalty, better performing sales and delivery reps, and reduced administrative costs.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Warehouse managemnet

Gain real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Manage multiple warehouses, lots, inventory sub-items, expiration dates, temperatue control and bin locations.

Mobile warehouse management
Scan pick and pack, goods receiving, stocktaking, bin transfers, stock transfers, proof of delivery, and run management:

  • Create shipments from WMS with the pick and pack feature
  • Increase inventory accuracy and audibility
  • Capture serial numbers and batch numbers
  • Utilise multiple units of measure to scan inner and outer barcodes
  • Streamline inventory and use multiple bins
  • Release sales orders to be picked, streamline warehouse efficiency, release wave picks
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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Manage quote-to-cash cycle

Distributors of any size face many of the same global challenges, including rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain. In order to overcome these issues, forward looking companies are implementing a single wholesale distribution ERP solution that integrates and automates the entire quote-to-cash cycle.

Modern ERP software for wholesale distribution provides tools to help you manage sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing – letting you streamline your business processes so all your information is in one secure location. With accurate, real-time information available, situations requiring attention can be identified early and addressed quickly.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Flexible sales promotions

Give your sales reps access to an electronic catalogue with images and comprehensive product information. Equip them with access to customer sales data and order history. Allow them to better advise customers and give them the product recommendations that help close more sales faster.

Drive even more sales by providing your sales reps with personalised discount structures for individual customers, based on what you know about customer preferences and order history. Cross-sell and upsell promotions to different customers. Even when making a delivery, your field reps will be prepared to make a sale from anywhere, at any time.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Real-time data access

While it’s important to empower field staff with access to vital sales information, it’s also important that managers oversee the direct store delivery process to minimise the number of potential mistakes your field staff may make. In addition to digitally organising their sales and product information, managers have real-time access to information about staff locations and completed tasks. This way, they can ensure that route staff are on schedule, making deliveries on time, and accurately responding to last-minute sales and delivery requests.

Mobile devices provide field staff with access to all customer, product, and sales information while on the road. Enable your field reps to use their own Android or iOS device while on the road, including offline functionality so that they can access data and information from any location.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Mobile sales management

Turn your route staff into sales reps as they access sales order history, identify best-sellers and trend-setters and drive sales while offering insightful merchandising input.

Orders and returns
Quickly and easily take orders and process returns at the store, issue invoices, collect payment, and capture electronic proof of all business transactions performed.

Link your route staff with client, product and pricing data directly from your back office to better advise retailers on merchandising, stocking and re-ordering.

Complex discounting and promotions
Define unique price lists per customer with special offers, cross-sell and upsell promotions, discounts, and multiple price lists.

Online and offline syncing of all sales, product, customer, and pricing details to your ERP system with full audit trail.

Commissions and rebates
Use business rules to calculate commission per order and rebates, then display the information in an activity list and export the data to Excel.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business


Delivery route planning and truck loading, including temperature regimes
Getting trucks in and out of the warehouse quickly and efficiently gets drivers on the street faster so they can see more customers. Highly automated truck loading increases your velocity and ensures inventory accuracy during check out and check in.

Adjust delivery sequence and perform a truck inspection before loading. The load can be in cases or units or a mixture of both. Even load temperature can be captured. Any changes to the load are noted, with reason codes and a signature captured to confirm transfer from the warehouse to truck.

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Complete solution for a multi-brand distribution business

Customer Management

B2B customer portal
Enable your customers to access their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more so they can perform account-related activities online. It helps you communicate with customers and work more efficiently. You can also reduce customer support questions by providing anytime access to your knowledge base and document sharing database.

Online statements
Customers have the ability to see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received, and amount due.

Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery is always up to date since it is connected to the same database as your distribution management applications.

Customer loans and rebates
Give your customers access to their loans and rebates all without picking up the phone or sending an email.

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