Services Overview

Business software projects are often complex and require a high degree of commitment from both the customer and supplier – commitment to effort and commitment to change.

This is an area of Information Technology that is full of failed projects and of projects which fall short of meeting customer objectives. In fact, a recent CIO survey placed the level of customer satisfaction with ERP and CRM projects at the very lowest levels of all IT projects.

Multidisciplinary Team

We employ an experienced and multi-disciplined team of experts, including technology specialists to ensure that the system is built using technology that is fit for purpose, performs well, and integrates into the customer’s environment; but also usability experts to ensure that the software is easy to use by non-technical users, business experts who are able to interface with the customer’s business users to ensure that the customer’s business objectives are met, and finally project managers who oversee the whole process and work together with our account manager and the customer to keep the project on track.

Customer Engagement

As a result, we normally recommend focusing initially on delivering a few small, but measurable objectives, together with the customer ensuring these are met, and then moving onto subsequent phases, always at the customer’s pace.

Apart from everything else, customers are usually consumed with their day-to-day jobs, so planning a project in bite-sized phases is very often a preferred option.

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