The Manifest Solution Accelerator for Maximo assists organisations in recording and administering all the manifests between their sites on-shore and off-shore, tracking all the items and materials which are being transferred. The application is designed to be fully integrated within Maximo and to re-use the details which are already present in the system.

Fully integrated with Maximo applications such as Inventory Usage, Receiving and Shipment Receiving

Create manifests to be used when transferring items

Also allows movement of non-stock items

“Acumatica’s ease of use, flexibility, scalability and affordability makes it a perfectly fit for companies like us. The software’s flexibility allows us to customise it to the different way we do business, and it integrates easily with third-party software. Acumatica has all the modern features we need to be competitive.”

Marthese Vella, Chief Information Officer, Azure

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