Managing assets in the modern era

Across almost every asset-intensive industry, from oil and gas, to sustainable energy, to manufacturing, to transportation, organisations are challenged with how to get the most value from assets across their entire lifecycle. If handled correctly, it can be the key to continued operations in times of reduced budgets. It can help extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on investment and defer new purchases.

IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the essential capabilities for better managing your physical infrastructure assets. You can leverage Maximo to make better decisions around all aspects of asset management, and get the insights you need to deliver ongoing value for your organisation.

Collect, consolidate and analyse essential information on all types of physical assets.

Unify processes for wide-ranging asset
management functions across all sites.

Extend the useful life of all assets or
equipment, improve return on investment and defer new purchases.

Significantly extend the value of assets and increase flexibility.

Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability and utilisation.

Mitigate compliance issues and risks and improve health, safety and environment,
and security.

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