5 types of iGamers you’ll encounter

Although there are millions of them worldwide, iGamers can be broken down into various categories based on different factors and criteria. Player profiling is just one of the features AXON Gaming offers, which is why our team at Computime Software has compiled a list of gamers you’ll encounter in the diverse world of iGaming.


1. The Casual Gamer

A Casual Gamer isn’t one who plays “casual games”, rather, one who has a casual approach towards gaming. These players tend not to take games too seriously – they play them for some light fun when they have nothing better to do. They don’t plan their day around gaming, and they rarely spend more than an hour or two on a session.

2. The Hardcore Gamer

What most non-gamers visualise when they hear the word ‘gamer’ is an overweight person covered in Doritos crumbs and surrounded by a sea of empty soda cans, sitting in a dark room, lit only by their computer screen. While this is an exaggerated stereotype, the Hardcore Gamer is the type who plans their day around games and spends hours on end glued to their monitors. In short, the Hardcore Gamer eats, sleeps, and breathes online casino games.

3. The Professional Gamer

This one is a special sub-group of the Hardcore Gamer – one whose livelihood depends on it, to be more accurate. They play competitively, and with insane prizes that can even reach millions, these gamers sometimes live off the prize money.

4. The Old-School Gamer

These retro gamers couldn’t care less about the quality of graphics – the ones from the 90s suit them just fine, thank you very much. Ever since setting their hearts on their game of choice, they are still playing decades later. The Old-School Gamers haven’t tried a new game or even theme. These types of gamers are set in their ways and have zero interest in abandoning what has served them so well so far, just for the sake of having tried something newer and flashier.

5. The Social Gamer

Motivated primarily by the social aspect of iGaming, you can find this breed of player playing anything from poker to blackjack in a live casino setting. After all, they ask, what’s better in life than connecting with others through the medium of iGaming?

This list is just scratching the surface of the multitude of stereotypes found in the vast iGaming community. At Computime Software, we are dedicated to providing solutions such as AXON Gaming which can help your iGaming business flourish through features and modules that allow marketing automation and player retention optimisation. Contact us for more information!

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The data-driven customer journey with AXON Gaming

In the marketing world, it is now common knowledge that personalised messaging and engaging customer experience drives retention, which should naturally lead to increased revenue growth. Indeed, in terms of marketing optimisation in the iGaming world, there has been a switch from designing a journey for a whole group of players, to optimising journeys for specific individuals.


What is a customer journey?

A customer journey refers to the weaving together of every touchpoint that a customer interacts with, and it is necessary to acquire such data by tracking and analysing customer actions within a session. This data then provides marketing professionals with a powerful tool to engage with individual customers on a personal level, which is at the core of any optimised customer journey.

To understand the best way of delivering timely information that boosts engagement and player retention, it is vital that your marketing platform collects the relevant data on how users access and react to this information – in real-time – to enable you to optimise your campaigns on demand.

Real time player engagement with AXON

This very approach was previously only used with VIPs, where unique journeys were created to optimise player retention among high-rollers. However, through AXON’s segmentation engine and camapign automation, we empower iGaming companies to offer a high level of personalisation to all users – which simply would not be possible to recreate manually.

AXON therefore offers an intuitive way for iGaming marketers to optimise player journeys by sending the right message to the right player at the right time. With the ability to customise a journey to a player’s unique actions and requirements, iGaming companies can engage their players in a way they never could before.

By combining big data with the right marketing platform, the player journey becomes infinitely customisable and a central driver of growth for iGaming companies. Through its various modules, AXON offers features such as real-time segmentation, campaign automation, and journey optimisation. Contact us at Computime Software for more information on how AXON can help take your iGaming business to the next level.

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Qualities every live dealer should have

Live casinos are a huge draw for the more sociable online gamer – they provide the opportunity to play against other people rather than a machine. Moreover, the player can get a real life casino experience from the comfort of their own home. Professional and experienced croupiers are an important piece in making a live casino authentic and enjoyable for your players. Find out some of the most important qualities that every live dealer should have below, along with information on how AXON Gaming’s live stream monitoring solution can improve real-time player engagement.


Knowledge of the rules

It would be quite embarrassing for the live dealer in question should his or her players appear more informed than the person in charge of conducting the game. Not only must they know all the rules, they must also be able to articulate them to participants of all skill levels.

Good communication skills

A lively and entertaining personality goes a long way – after all, casinos are there for people to have fun! A professional croupier should know how to build good rapport with players, as well as ensure that everyone is having a good time, even if they lose. Experienced dealers know how to engage every person at the table by asking their name and where they come from, ultimately making them feel welcome.

Mechanical skills

Handling payouts to winners and shuffling cards in a smooth and tight manner does not only improve the experience for players but also boosts the reputation of the casino. A good understanding of these skills can also help to avoid giving craftier players an unfair advantage. The dealer is responsible for knowing when to split the pot, along with cashing in or cashing out players at appropriate times during the game.

Diplomacy and restraint

A key responsibility of a professional croupier is knowing how to resolve conflicts should they arise between players. They should act objectively in the face of irate customers, without showing any bias or preference to any player. The ability to think analytically with speed and accuracy will also help people feel more comfortable about placing their confidence in you.

Optimise real-time player engagement with AXON Gaming

Take a more proactive approach towards live dealer games with AXON Gaming’s live stream monitoring solution. This software solution is able to:

• Predict and alert the appropriate staff when tables are experiencing performance issues
• Inform players of any incidents and trigger inconvenience bonuses
• Measure the quality and availability of online video by checking all the streams on the ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
• Provide notifications if the system is down, and push players onto duplicate or alternate streams based on performance
• Generate reports to identify trends in the general performance of the ECN, along with showing the up-time percentage of each feed

Boost player retention by making your live casino the best gaming experience possible with AXON Gaming. For more information, contact us at Computime Software.

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The ins and outs of responsible gaming

iGaming has fast become one of the most popular pastimes over the last 10 years or so, with the industry currently enjoying massive growth and success across the globe. Having said that, it’s important for industry providers to protect their players and to respect high standards of quality. Whilst gambling is ostensibly a recreational activity, to some it may become dangerously addictive and can have serious effects on their personal or professional lives. Read on to find out how and why responsible gaming is vital and how AXON Gaming helps you comply with its principles.


Underage gambling

The law prevents those under 18 years from gambling with real money. Underage gaming is one of the major areas that responsible gambling falls under, and gaming operators must take the most stringent of measures to ensure that their customers are all of legal age.

Protection against crime and money laundering

As with any activity involving the transfer of money on the web, online gambling is vulnerable to hackers and criminals who can easily target personal details belonging to registered users. Full AML compliance must be carried out to detect and block any suspicious activity, with components designed to perform risk assessment, KYC requirements, and player profiling.

Secure payments and transactions

Security tools must be implemented to provide a reliable and safe software platform that players feel comfortable using. Any financial details and personal data must be fully protected.

Data protection

Online operators must ensure that personal details belonging to their customers is kept private from third parties and other potentially harmful sources. Unauthorised disclosure of numbers, addresses, names, and email addresses is a serious breach of trust on the company’s part, and it can have severe repercussions for all parties involved.

Safeguarding the vulnerable

Player activity must be recorded in such a way that it gives companies an idea of their gambling behaviour. If larger deposits or withdrawals are being made on a more frequent basis, then the player in question should be alerted and informed. Deposit limits, self-exclusion procedures, and time-out options should all be available for access within a user’s account.

How can AXON Gaming help?

AXON Gaming assesses online player gambling habits to highlight early indications of problem gambling. It also gives iGaming companies ideas on how to specifically market based on a player’s risk profile. AXON measures various types of player data including intensity, risk, volume, and change for better analysis.

We offer a range of rules and alerts within AXON to help manage the responsible gaming aspect of their operation. These automations provide our iGaming clients with control through the live monitoring of potential player issues where their gambling behaviour is problematic. Some of the areas we cover are:

• Session time limit
• Deposits limit
• Loss limit
• Wagering limit
• Timeout
• Self-exclusion

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Which iGaming employee are you?

Free breakfasts, beer Fridays, and bean bags – who wouldn’t want to work for an iGaming company? iGaming companies pride themselves on offering excellent perks and conditions, as well as a great work environment. Yet one of the factors that holds the most weight when it comes to job satisfaction is the people you share your space with. Here are a few iGaming employee archetypes you may identify with and are very likely to find yourself working alongside in the iGaming industry.


1. The Hippie

He walks around in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, socks and bed slippers. Yes, bed slippers. This free spirit couldn’t care less about self-grooming and looking presentable if he tried. Comfort, after all, is key when you’re stuck inside an office for 9 hours.

2. The Immaculate

A stark contrast from the hippie, The Immaculate iGaming employee generally hails from the North and holds a high position within the company. This Swede or Dane comes in the form of a briefcase-holding, loafer-wearing man with slick gelled-back hair. The female version is no shabbier, leaving the house looking like she’s spent hours getting ready. Everyone else at the office either envies or rolls their eyes at her perfectly-waved hair and flawlessly applied make up.

3. The Ghost

There’s always the one who is not there to muck about; he is there to get a job done. He only speaks when he really has to, and if he can get out of joining unnecessary, out-of-office social activities, you can bet he will. The Ghost generally has a techy job in programming or something legal and sombre, such as AML compliance or fraud detection.

4. The Player

This one is there to dive into the international dating pool. While the majority of iGaming companies are owned by Scandinavians, the nationalities of their employees are diverse. The player gets with the Italian content writer on Monday, the Japanese graphic designer on Wednesday and the Hungarian SEO expert at weekends.

5. The High Society

This one orders Moët et Chandon and makes sure everyone on his social media accounts know it with the help of photo evidence. The High Society would rather be caught dead than be seen anywhere outside the VIP area at any event.

Needless to say, this list is by no means exhaustive. In the iGaming world especially, the variety of employees is almost as vast as the users who play their company’s online games!

As a leading provider of industry-specific software and solutions, our team at Computime Software are proud to distribute AXON Gaming – a fully-integrated system that enables iGaming companies to track and act upon critical data in real time, from one central location. AXON Gaming empowers business owners to easily create their own automations based on any player behaviour imaginable, and optimises player retention through player segmentation.

Contact us for more information on how we can take your iGaming business to the next level!

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