The AXON Outward Payments solution enables you to streamline and optimise your outward payments process

AXON Outward Payments enables banks to process outward payments more efficiently. This is achieved through an automated mechanism for the electronic transfer of money from account holders to other financial institutions or across multiple institutions, via computer-based systems. The AXON Outward Payments solution automates the entire outward payment process with limited or zero direct intervention of bank staff. This solution ensures a robust integration payments service that can monitor, alert, and report transactions, along with managing approvals – delivering a seamless, automated, and secure outward payment solution for SEPA and SWIFT.

Optimised payment process workflow.

Receive payments from multiple sources.

Enhanced reporting of payment statuses.

Improved payment collection and processing.

Increased staff efficiency.

Complete, flexible solution architecture.

“The Computime Software business consultant team is very knowledgeable, providing valuable recommendations to get the most out of Infor SunSystems. With Infor SunSystems the Classic Group users can view transactions in real-time, enabling the company to make more informed business decisions. Infor SunSystems was the best choice to meet our business requirements and help the company grow.”

Karl Micallef, CEO, Classic Group

Validation checks

Integration with various internal Systems

Multiple levels of payments approval

Built-in security features

Connectivity with the SWIFT network

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