AXON Integration connects your business systems, providing you with full application integration and real-time data monitoring

AXON is an integration orchestrator, allowing the creation, modification and management of referential and transactional data integration workflows between multiple applications and systems, whether real-time, scheduled or manually triggered. Using pre-built or customised connectors, AXON is technology independent, utilising web services, database queries and lower-level communication protocols such as TCP/IP or UDP, between any application or system whether on-premise or cloud based.

AXON provides an easy to use interface where connectors are registered and managed, and where transactions are fully audited and monitored. Alerting features allow users and administrators to be informed of exceptions or when human intervention is required. AXON provides real-time live monitoring of data streams and is able to trigger alerts and data update actions based on events captured from those data streams.

Solves typical integration issues whether on-premises or cloud-based.

Supports realtime or batch integration.

Ensures data consistency across the organisation.

Maintains full traceability of events and exceptions.

Issues reports and view data graphically.

Easily defines and automates the actions to be taken when an inconsistency is identified or a transaction fails.

Manages and automates alerts and transfer of information to connected systems.

Extends the lifetime and accessibility of legacy applications.

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