Acumatica ERP delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, powered by a robust and flexible platform

Product Management

The AXON Gaming Product Management module empowers you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your product management related operations. There’s no longer the need to worry about disparate systems and their inability to communicate with one another. Through the use of cutting edge technology, AXON Gaming streamlines data collection and communication between various internal systems which are critical to run a successful online gaming operation.

Real-time reports and KPI tracking via a single dashboard

Notify customer support as soon as a game goes offline

Monitor real-time transaction levels for each payment provider

Fully automate self-exclusion for your social responsibility requirements

View live tracking of game performance including RTP

Instantly react to player deposits and withdraws

Automatically pop-up a live chat and assist the player with their gaming issue

Remove broken game from website until issue is resolved

Limit chargebacks by automating payment paths based on pre-defined rules

Track chargebacks for each payment provider and every product

“Acumatica’s ease of use, flexibility, scalability and affordability makes it a perfectly fit for companies like us. The software’s flexibility allows us to customise it to the different way we do business, and it integrates easily with third-party software. Acumatica has all the modern features we need to be competitive.”

Marthese Vella, Chief Information Officer, Azure

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