Automate and optimise your iGaming operation in real-time

AXON enables iGaming professionals to automate and optimise key operational processes from a centralised user interface. Driven by a powerful rules engine, AXON empowers business users to easily create their own automations based on any player behaviour imaginable. This allows iGaming companies to track and act upon critical data feeds in real-time, while automatically triggering business related actions in various internal systems.

Think about all the different systems you need to work with to get a single task completed, coupled with the time and effort to get the data from different systems that form part of this process. Think about how often a time-critical aspect of your business was acted on too late, or just cost much more than budgeted.

Now think of AXON as an extension of your existing tools. Think of it as a real-time rules engine tailored for iGaming. Think of finally having control over the everchanging automations and the real-time actions that can make all the difference in how you manage your iGaming operation. Think of the infinite possibilities that can be triggered between systems with your existing data – that is AXON Gaming.

Business Benefits

AXON Gaming optimises your gaming business

AXON enables iGaming professionals to automate and optimise key operational processes from a centralised user interface.


Automate due diligence, ensure your anti-fraud teams are working at optimal efficiency with real-time analytics

AXON enables you to automate and optimise your regulatory and compliance functions by tracking and reporting on critical data in real-time. This provides a major benefit in time-saving, versus a manual process where you are limited to performing individual checks on each data source.

While certain functions are delivered via our pre-defined dashboards, the strength of AXON is in the reduction of the ongoing development costs associated with performing additional checks on data sources.Furthermore, automation with integrated systems makes the regulatory and compliance teams more efficient in their day-to-day monitoring of fraudulent behaviour.

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Live Stream

Monitor the quality of live streams and get notified of any system status change

AXON predicts and alerts when the live streams feeding your tables are experiencing performance issues. This enables you to take a more proactive approach to your live dealer games, providing a better user experience to your players.

AXON checks all the streams on the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) in order to measure the availability and quality of video being published online to your players. AXON then triggers various actions such as sending an internal message to the appropriate staff to fix the problem, informing players on the table, triggering an inconvenience bonus, and much more.

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Convert your players into loyal customers

Acquire players sooner. Engage them smarter. Retain them longer. Reduce acquisition costs, drive retention and increase revenue with relevant, intelligent messaging. AXON empowers marketers with an intuitive, one-stop solution for omni-channel marketing optimisation.

We have developed a data-driven player clustering engine that pushes marketing actions through a personalised player journey planner. Serving as a big data hub, AXON constantly soaks up data from all sources, providing real-time feedback to the marketer, directing them down the most profitable marketing path.

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