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Automation is the focus of intense interest in the global financial industry. Many financial institutions are rushing to deploy the latest automation technologies in the hope of delivering the next wave of productivity, cost savings, and improvement in customer experiences.

Technology is rapidly maturing, and expertise is developing among both financial institutions and software companies. This is driving a move away from the one-solution-fits-all approach and toward more specialised solutions. Financial institutions are also learning critical lessons about workflow and how to more effectively manage handoffs between man and machine – especially where typical process redesign can be optimised through automation.


AXON for Financial Services

AXON increases the effectiveness of your core financial systems


Behaviour & transaction monitoring

Anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring platforms allow financial institutions to monitor customer behaviour for risk, either in real-time or on a daily basis.

By combining this information with the analysis of a customer’s historical information and account profile, the solution can provide financial institutions with a holistic view into a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity, whilst also creating alerts to suspicious activity. The transactions monitored can include cash deposits, withdrawals, wire transfers, and much more.

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Outward payments

Streamline outward payments process

AXON Outward Payments enables financial institutions to process outward payments more efficiently. This is achieved through an automated mechanism for the electronic transfer of money from account holders to other financial institutions or across multiple institutions, via computer-based systems. The platform automates the entire outward payment process with limited or zero direct intervention of staff. This ensures a robust integration payments service that can monitor, alert, and report transactions, along with managing approvals – delivering a seamless, automated, and secure outward payment solution for SEPA and SWIFT.

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