Which iGaming employee are you?

Free breakfasts, beer Fridays, and bean bags – who wouldn’t want to work for an iGaming company? iGaming companies pride themselves on offering excellent perks and conditions, as well as a great work environment. Yet one of the factors that holds the most weight when it comes to job satisfaction is the people you share your space with. Here are a few iGaming employee archetypes you may identify with and are very likely to find yourself working alongside in the iGaming industry.


1. The Hippie

He walks around in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, socks and bed slippers. Yes, bed slippers. This free spirit couldn’t care less about self-grooming and looking presentable if he tried. Comfort, after all, is key when you’re stuck inside an office for 9 hours.

2. The Immaculate

A stark contrast from the hippie, The Immaculate iGaming employee generally hails from the North and holds a high position within the company. This Swede or Dane comes in the form of a briefcase-holding, loafer-wearing man with slick gelled-back hair. The female version is no shabbier, leaving the house looking like she’s spent hours getting ready. Everyone else at the office either envies or rolls their eyes at her perfectly-waved hair and flawlessly applied make up.

3. The Ghost

There’s always the one who is not there to muck about; he is there to get a job done. He only speaks when he really has to, and if he can get out of joining unnecessary, out-of-office social activities, you can bet he will. The Ghost generally has a techy job in programming or something legal and sombre, such as AML compliance or fraud detection.

4. The Player

This one is there to dive into the international dating pool. While the majority of iGaming companies are owned by Scandinavians, the nationalities of their employees are diverse. The player gets with the Italian content writer on Monday, the Japanese graphic designer on Wednesday and the Hungarian SEO expert at weekends.

5. The High Society

This one orders Moët et Chandon and makes sure everyone on his social media accounts know it with the help of photo evidence. The High Society would rather be caught dead than be seen anywhere outside the VIP area at any event.

Needless to say, this list is by no means exhaustive. In the iGaming world especially, the variety of employees is almost as vast as the users who play their company’s online games!

As a leading provider of industry-specific software and solutions, our team at Computime Software are proud to distribute AXON Gaming – a fully-integrated system that enables iGaming companies to track and act upon critical data in real time, from one central location. AXON Gaming empowers business owners to easily create their own automations based on any player behaviour imaginable, and optimises player retention through player segmentation.

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Optimise your acquisition strategy with AXON Gaming

With the continual growth and constant advancements being made in the competitive world of iGaming, it’s becoming more and more challenging to attract players of high quality whilst getting a good return for your marketing budget. A good acquisition strategy should also re-engage formerly disinterested customers and prioritise player retention, making sure that they are well looked after and giving them enough reason to stay. So, how you can stay one step ahead? Well, with AXON Gaming, of course!


Affiliate marketing optimisation

 Bonus sites, SEO, PPC, web advertising, and community affiliates are all examples of how iGaming operators can partner with other networks to attract new players. With any acquisition strategy, it’s important to build relationships with sites that are reputable, and which will give you a valuable and long-term partnership.

Bonuses and promotions

 A rewarding welcome bonus or an attractive offer on signing up are guaranteed ways of driving new players to your brand. New promotions can also bring back older, previously dissatisfied customers, and can help retain existing ones. Prizes and rewards can also be launched with the unveiling of new games, such as the chance to win free spins or reload bonuses.

So, how does AXON Gaming tie all of this together?

 Operating in real time, AXON Gaming tracks your acquisition traffic from all sources and monitors player value in order to give you an immediate view into ROI. This enables you to determine which new player traffic sources are worthwhile spending your budget on, and which ones to turn off. Take it one step further and AXON uses the data collected from your traffic sources enabling you to automate customised bonus campaigns based on player personas and journeys.

3 key takeaways with AXON Gaming

  1. Optimises bonuses by monitoring player data from campaigns, allowing you to gain an insight into what is working towards your KPIs.
  2. Guides you on where to invest and how to achieve maximum profit from campaigns by tracking information from each acquisition source.
  3. Evaluates how effective a campaign is by creating event triggers through player segmenting and journey maximisation.

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Debunking Common ERP Myths

Since its introduction in the ‘90s, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has become a multibillion-dollar business and is now considered a necessary management tool. However, along with its growth and increase in popularity, various and recurring misconceptions about ERP systems have also evolved. Computime Software, sole distributors of Acumatica Cloud ERP in Malta, debunk 3 common myths about ERP.

1. Customisation is difficult

ERP is all about change and adaptability. Modern systems not only record but analyse operations to allow for customising after implementation. It is actually necessary to customise your ERP system to meet your business needs. The trick is to limit the customisations to a minimum.

2. ERP systems are expensive

What actually drives the price up is inadequate preparation when setting up business requirements or choosing a system which includes unnecessary functionality. Setting a scope that is too broad or requiring changes along the way run up costs. In reality, however, it may turn out to be more expensive to continue to run your business using a legacy system or Excel spreadsheets rather than employing an integrated solution across your firm. It is therefore imperative for buyers to inform themselves about ERP systems and to be cautious about relying on faulty information when making purchasing decisions.

3. ERP systems only suit larger companies

As is often the case with new technology, it was indeed larger organisations that embraced ERP. However, current designs work just as effectively for smaller firms. Regardless of a company’s size, most businesses require a purchasing function, an accounting function, CRM as well as specific business-vertical requirements. A main feature of ERP systems is that all of these functions are integrated, and that is a universal organisational need.

A robust ERP system will optimise operations, promote closer relationships between business functions, and provide business insights that will increase profitability through data transparency. ERP systems facilitate the decision-making processes and its transactional database is viewed through functional dashboards. At Computime Software, we are successful when implementing Acumatica Cloud ERP as it supports the unique needs of various industries through its integrated solutions – such as financial management, project accounting, distribution management, and customer management.

There are a number of factors you’ll need to consider before embarking on your ERP implementation, and our seasoned consultants at Computime Software are more than happy to guide you. As a leading provider in business solutions, we are knowledgeable and fully-equipped to provide you with relevant information on the measures required to help your business grow.

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Marketing Optimisation with AXON’s Player Segmentation

In the highly-competitive iGaming market, companies are constantly battling each other for a share of the market, so it is imperative that they use every possible tool in their depository to be a step above the rest.

One of these tools is player segmentation, which AXON Gaming offers as part of its software solution. This feature enables the division of a pool of players into smaller groups based on their overall betting behaviour and preferences to make it easier to target and effectively communicate with them.

Player segmentation is therefore essential to an iGaming marketing campaign, but the wide variety of ever-changing player personas may pose a challenge. Before anything else, it is important for iGaming companies to realise that players are not created equal, nor do they bet in the same way, which is why they should be targeted with specific campaigns. iGaming brands need to distinguish between one-time players, frequent players, and VIP high rollers.

How can AXON Gaming make player segmentation easy?

AXON helps you understand your active players’ behaviour

Active players that frequent a brand need to be segmented into specific player personas, as everyone has their own personal approach towards placing a bet. This is generally translated in the bet amount, bet type, and bet frequency. Players who place many bets or large single bets often tend to become heavily engaged and loyal to the brand. This is the ideal point where an iGaming company can promote special tournaments and offer exclusive bonuses.

Making players stay active longer

iGaming companies are used to the constantly changing faces of their customer base, yet it is a recognised fact that player retention costs less than investing to attract new ones. Since frequent players and VIPs are the ones that are most likely to play again, hence bringing the company more revenue, these players need to be taken care of to keep them returning to your site and playing more. And once they have formed a more meaningful relationship with your brand, they are more likely to do so.

Increase player retention with AXON Gaming

Another recurring issue in iGaming is that of registration without depositing, or depositing without playing, which basically means that player never follows through with placing a bet. Poor website design or too many steps in the process are two factors that may attribute to this. However, through player segmentation, the marketing team can understand why certain players are abandoning their bets and can thus target them with a specific solution.

Player profiling and player segmentation should therefore not be regarded as a bonus to your iGaming company’s marketing strategy, but rather an integral addition to your iGaming business. With AXON Gaming, your brand doesn’t have to risk missing an opportunity to target your player base in the most direct, efficient way possible.

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Efficient and Secure AML Transaction Monitoring with AXON Gaming

An essential part of a risk and AML compliance solution is transaction monitoring – software designed to oversee customer transactions in real-time or on a daily basis, as well as detecting any possible risks hidden in business relationships. The need for a reliable compliance system is becoming more and more urgent in order to prevent financial crime and fraud from spreading, which means that transaction monitoring is now no longer optional but a necessity. Read on to find out more about AXON’s robust and seamless solution which monitors, reports, and alerts transactions.


The Importance of AML Transaction Monitoring

Ostensibly, an AML transaction monitoring system is to identify and prevent any ongoing transactions that may lead to fraud, financing terrorist organisations, and money laundering.

Proper risk analysis is carried out by using adequate KYC procedures to gather information, then AXON uses its rules engine to build scenarios for monitoring transactions. This is how AXON achieves full automation and a smoother transaction monitoring process.

Suspicious Information and Raising Alerts

When a suspicious transaction is identified, AXON is designed to alert the compliance team to review and reassess any potential risk. In doing so, it reassures companies and regulators by giving them extra confidence in their compliance process.

Advanced checks such as beneficiary monitoring is provided via access to watch lists and PEP’s whilst the system can also be customised to include validations and various AML checks.

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