Stock Take

The Stock Take Solution Accelerator for Maximo allows the Inventory team to create stock take documents with the IBM Maximo Inventory Application allowing for better control of the stock take process. The stock take document can include any number of inventory balance lines and can go through different inventory counts significantly enhancing Maximo’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Status and workflow enabled

Can have multiple recounts

Physical and Reconcile balance adjustments are posted at various stages of the document

Handles closed and open warehouse processes

Easy creation of stock take documents with multiple inventory balance lines

Handles stock take process for non-rotating items

Full audit history is kept at all times

“The Computime Software business consultant team is very knowledgeable, providing valuable recommendations to get the most out of Infor SunSystems. With Infor SunSystems the Classic Group users can view transactions in real-time, enabling the company to make more informed business decisions. Infor SunSystems was the best choice to meet our business requirements and help the company grow.”

Karl Micallef, CEO, Classic Group

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