Landed Costs


The Landed Costs Solution Accelerator for Maximo is designed to split costs of services from different vendors
present on different purchase orders at invoice stage, allowing your organisation to reflect the real costs of
inventory. The cost of inventory being held within the storerooms operated by your organisation are made up of the cost paid for the items themselves together with the cost of the services such as freight, insurances, and duties which are needed to bring these items to the storerooms. A typical example is when an item is bought and shipping and insurance are on different Purchase Orders. The shipping and insurance cost still need to be attributed to the item.

Business Benefits

  • Selectable lines are set from Invoice application
  • Service costs can be split on Inventory
  • A single service invoice can be used in multiple landed costs documents
  • Costs are split proportional to inventory costs
  • When document is approved, costs are split and can be seen from the Inventory Application


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